Latest news on politics: Statements of no confidence in Boris Johnson are ‘Westminster idiots’, says Deputy Prime Minister

For anyone who remembers the dark and very, very long days when Parliament was paralyzed over Brexit, where letters of no confidence sent in feel like an all too familiar moment.

But the situation for Theresa May was far gloomier than it is for Boris Johnson.

First of all, the majority of the current Prime Minister means that another six or seven backers must be insulted enough to lodge their complaint with 1922 Committee Chairman Sir Graham Brady.

Second, even under Mrs. May, the whole process took many months, with the numbers creeping up over months – even at its lowest ebb. And there is no time pressure to force people’s hands.

Johnson may not enjoy the best moments, but even the most annoyed MP will admit that he is an election-winning machine.

As one told me this morning, the relationship may be transactional rather than loyal, but while he remains their best hope of getting votes, there is no urgent need to implement the nuclear option.


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