Lyon. Morandini and Bardella at la Guillotière: a morning of suspense

What to remember from the morning

  • Jean-Marc Morandini was live from the Guillotière district with Jordan Bardella for his program broadcast on Cnews.
  • Many protesters, 200 according to police, had answered the call from the Antifa group in Lyon and had come to try to prevent the show from being held.
  • Among them, some members of Dalton’s fired fireworks in the direction of police. One of them was arrested and taken into police custody.
  • After more than 2 hours of excitement, the Cnews team left the stage.

12.35 | 200 protesters around the show according to police

The mobilized anti-fascists, who say they live in the neighborhood, did not want to cause property damage, which could have punished traders. However, they were hoping to create enough trouble to get the show canceled. They had settled in various places in La Guillotière, shortly before noon. 10, to make noise during live.

Apart from a few throws of eggs and fireworks, no overflow has been observed this morning.

“The mobilization of many police forces responds to the same principle as political meetings, in which the public authorities, in addition to the private security created by the organizers, are mobilized to control public order, in the event of demonstrations,” the page clarifies. of the prefecture.

“We must stop, it is not a hell of La Guillotière, even if there are problems, it is true”, Jacques, retired and resident in the district for 30 years.

12.20 | The TV team has left the place

The Cnews team has just left the scene in a van and another vehicle, parked near Place du Pont.

About twenty CRS vehicles are still parked around the Place du Pont, illustrating the extent of the police resources mobilized this morning.

Many CRS vehicles are still parked at. 12:20 in the Guillotière district. Photo Progress / Jérôme MORIN

12.05 | The Cnews team is always on site

Protesters, still very numerous, gathered on the side of the Cours Gambetta. Politiet er placeret mellem tv-holdet og demonstranterne, der synger “pædofil” mod Jean-Marc Morandini.

12 hours | The show “Face à la rue” is now over

The program presented by Jean-Marc Morandini has just ended at La Guillotière. There are always a lot of police on site.

11.40 | The intervention of the Daltons, as the show imagined

According to our information, the intervention of certain members of the Daltons collective had for some time been considered in the production of the show.

11:15 | Banner posted on la Guillotière

While tensions are still very high in the neighborhood, a banner has been set up from Mac Do. “Bobos, Guill ‘is not for sale” can be read above.

In addition, egg-throwing aimed at Jean-Marc Morandini and his team and some fireworks were heard at the same time.

11:10 | A Dalton in custody

A member of the Daltons was taken into police custody after firing fireworks at police in rue de Marseille. According to our information, Jean-Marc Morandini’s team had exchanged some Daltons before the show, but their intervention during the show was apparently not planned.

10.58 | The Daltons fire fireworks

The fireworks mortar fire, which was heard a few minutes ago in the Guillotière district, was fired by the Daltons, this group which has mocked the authorities for many weeks. According to our information, at least one person was arrested while Daltons’ costumes were found by police.

10.50 | Tensions are still very high in the neighborhood

Several fireworks mortars were heard in the neighborhood, near the Place du Pont. The tone also rises during Gambetta, where a sound system has been launched.

10:39 | Morandini and Bardella arrive at la Guillotière

Jean-Marc Morandini and Jordan Bardella have just arrived at La Guillotière, while the protesters are still numerous.

The police officers present at the scene state that they are not mobilized to ensure the protection of the program, but to maintain order.

Jean-Marc Morandini live on his show from the Guillotière district. Photo Progress Joël PHILIPPON

10.29 | Insults erupt a few minutes from live

While the show by Jean-Marc Morandini is set to begin within the next few minutes, insults are being fired at Jordan Bardella and the host at CNEWS.

Many protesters are present in the Guillotière district to prevent the holding of Jean-Marc Morandini’s show. Photo Progress / Joël PHILIPPON

10.24 | Politi omringer demonstranter

Politistyrkerne omringede demonstranterne omkring Place du Pont, mens Jean-Marc Morandini og hans gæst Jordan Bardella stadig ventes i Guillotière-distriktet.

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10.21 | Transport no longer goes through Guillotière

Buses C9 and C12 as well as T1 are diverted and no longer pass through Guillotière. TCL announced that the situation would remain as it is, at least until 1 p.m. 12.00, while protesters are present in the neighborhood to prevent the direct deportation of Jean-Marc Morandini.

10.15 | More and more protesters.

Protesters shout “Everyone hates Morandini” after trying to place a banner near the CRS. A few jets of projectiles observed, which quickly ceased.

10 hours | Politistyrke og demonstranter er allerede til stede på stedet

“Bolloré clears”, “Fascist Cnews”: several dozen protesters began to gather in Guillotière, with a few signs, less than an hour before the launch of the Cnews program in the neighborhood, with Jordan Bardella as guest, the head of RN.
Police officers are present in large numbers at the square and its surroundings. “We live in this neighborhood. The far right comes from below. To make our district a political propaganda for them, it is being abused,” an anti-fascist irritates.
Several ultra-left-wing activists have in recent hours tried to convince traders not to participate in the TV show.

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