Lyonnais real estate. CLIC builds its network and history –

By Morgan Couturier

Club Lyonnais de l’Immobilier et de la Construction (CLIC) was set up just before the crisis and used Mat’Electrique’s facilities to show its ambitions: to become an “actor in the territory”.

Like many cities, CLIC will not be built overnight. He even waited for two years to inform the real estate world of his intentions. By taking advantage of his first general public event organized in the salons of Mat’Electrique’s demonstrative exhibition space, the President, Pablo de Lard therefore put forward the idea of ​​”becoming an open club driven by the desire to be a player in the area, to help the young generation join this great family”.

A luminous introduction therefore for this unit, which intends to organize “half a dozen events each year. A proof of this is the intervention of Ludovic Boyron, CEO of SPL Lyon Part-Dieu, invited to comment on the future of the eponymous district. The image of a “new vision” specific to CLIC.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

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