Pictures of four upcoming Nokia smartphones are leaking before the upcoming launch

Pictures of four upcoming Nokia smartphones N151DL, N150DL, N1530DL and N152DL have leaked revealing designs of both front and back. The images also reveal the camera module designers, who may not be round on at least two new Nokia smartphones.

The pictures come via the well-known delicious “Evan Blass”. In a tweet, Evan Blass revealed both variant names and photos of smartphones.

Nokia N150DL:

The smartphone looks like a mid-range with a center notch and a new rectangular camera module on the back. The rear camera appears to have a triple camera setup.

Nokia N151DL:

This is similar to a budget smartphone with a round camera module with single camera setup.

Nokia N152DL:

This is similar to an entry-level smartphone with single camera setup. May belong to the C series.

Nokia N1530DL:

This may be the best deal among these four new Nokia smartphones. It seems to come with a metallic frame and a brand new camera module on the back. The camera module is again rectangular in deviation from most of the newer Nokia smartphones that have a round camera module. This could be a Nokia X-Series smartphone.

We have just reported on three new Nokia smartphone variants that have passed certification in Russia. Evan Blass has previously revealed code names of four new Nokia smartphones in a leak. So Nokia Mobile may soon be ready to launch a new Nokia phone series.

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