Resident Evil 4 VR Mercenaries Mode will be added for free after its release

Resident Evil’s popular game mode, The Mercenaries, will officially hit Resident Evil 4 VR on Oculus Quest 2 sometime next year.

That’s what Oculus has revealed Resident Evil 4 VR will receive a free update in 2022 that will officially add the fan-favorite Mercenaries game mode to the title. The VR version of the popular Resident Evil 4 officially released last month on Oculus Quest 2, and it allows players to relive the classic survival horror title from a whole new first-person perspective. Despite its gameplay remaining largely unchanged compared to its original 2005 counterpart, the VR version has censored and removed suggestive and potentially offensive dialogue from the game.

Mercenaries mode is an arcade-style mini-game that first appeared in Resident Evil 3 and grew in popularity with Resident Evil 4. It contained characteristic levels and several popular characters from the series with unique features, weapons, items, and melee attacks. Its gameplay is heavily based on Time Attack Mode, where players are tasked with achieving the highest score by killing as many enemies as possible before the timer runs out. Mercenaries fashion made a comeback Resident Evil almost a decade later Resident Evil: Village, brings back its arcade-style features but drastically changes the mechanics to allow for more fluid gameplay and pace.

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In a press release from Oculus (via IGN), the popular VR brand revealed that The Mercenaries will be heading to Resident Evil 4 on an unknown date in 2022, allowing players to enter the tense game mode in first-person mode for the very first time. In addition, the company also announced that it plans to add additional mobility and comfort options Resident Evil 4 VR sometime next year. These new features will include hand-based control, better left-hand control and the ability to fine-tune the placement of chest and waist stock slots for a better overall gaming experience.

Resident Evil 4 VR Screenshot

Resident Evil 4 VR serves as a reinterpretation of the classic survival horror title in virtual reality and recreates many of its iconic scenarios and gameplay mechanics in first-person perspective, giving players a fresh take on the decade-old game. The title quickly became one of the highest rated and fastest-selling titles on Oculus Quest just weeks after launch and garnered enough critical acclaim to be nominated for Best VR Game at The Game Awards this year.

Resident Evil 4‘s Mercenaries is very fast-paced, especially compared to the title’s main campaign. When running counterclockwise, players must hurry to kill as many zombies as possible and explore quickly to collect extension pickups and give themselves more time to gain more points. Corresponding to Resident Evil: Village, Resident Evil 4 VR could possibly see drastic changes made in Mercenaries mode to adjust its difficulty and mechanics to virtual reality. Nevertheless, the upcoming Mercenaries VR mode is set to saturate players while they wait for the announcement of Resident Evil 4next generation remake.

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Resident Evil 4 VR port is available on Oculus Quest 2.

Source: IGN

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