Rhône. François Hollande inauguration in Lyon on 30 November

“[…] Whatever the reasons that explain the end of a presidential mandate, the breach is brutal, immediate, total. With these questions alone: ​​is there a life after being president? And if so, how can you still be helpful? These are the questions asked by François Hollande, former President of the Republic, in the introduction to his work “Confronter”, published by Stock. A book that he dedicates on Tuesday, November 30, 16 hours to 7pm at Decitre Bellecour, Lyon 2e (upon presentation of the health card, no reservation required).

“To be useful to a former president is to be free. Free to rely on his experience to judge the situation of the country and the state of the world. Free to think without make-up, without wanting to please, without fear of displeasing and without seeking anything for himself, “writes the former head of state.

“I began this book with the cruel study of our political disorder. Our democracy is really undermined by abstinence, the juxtaposition of emotions, the rejection of the elite, the indifference of the citizens, the hatred that runs over social networks, communitarianism, the conspiracy temptation. “Why such an apostasy? How can the French be reconciled with their democracy?”, François Hollande continues. With the approach to the 2022 presidential election, the former president then delivers his analysis – without concessions, but without “criminality” – of the candidates’ positions in this central vote in the Fifth Republic.

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