Teenagers accused of killing Spanish teacher seek lower bond, while prosecutors want it lifted

Willard Noble Chaiden Miller and Jeremy Everett Goodale, both 16, asked a state judge to lower their bond, but prosecutors want it to remain at $ 1 million or even raised to $ 2 million.

Miller and Goodale are accused of killing their Spanish teacher at Nohema Graber High School in Fairfield, Iowa.

According to the Associated Press, Graber, 66, was reported missing on Nov. 2. Her remains were found in a park in Fairfield, where she was known to go for daily walks later that day. Court documents reported that Graber suffered “inflicted trauma to his head.”

The two boys were given separate court hearings at 90-minute intervals. The AP reported that they did not react much to the case, but only looked forward most of the time.

Goodale’s lawyer claimed he did not have the funds to pay the bond.

“A million-dollar cash-only bond, the judge said, is so far unattainable that it essentially amounts to detention without bond,” said Nicole Jensen, the state’s public defender appointed to represent Goodale.

Jensen said the most Goodale could handle was probably no more than $ 10,000, as his father works in construction. Goodale has no option but to flee as he does not have a passport and driver’s license, she said.

Miller’s lawyer Christine Branstad argued in the same way. She added that the prolonged detention could have a detrimental effect on the young men and hamper their development.

She asked the judge to look at GPS or video surveillance instead, while Miller is under the home supervision of the adults in his family.

Both Assistant Iowa Attorney General Scott Brown and Jefferson County Attorney Chauncey Molding referred to the brutality of the crime in their arguments. Brown said it justified holding the $ 1 million bond or increasing it to $ 2 million for Goodale. Molding also asked to increase the bond for Miller.

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Willard Noble Chaiden Miller, Bond, Hearing
Jeremy Everett Goodale and Willard Noble Chaiden Miller, two teenagers in southeastern Iowa accused of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder in the death of their Spanish high school teacher, asked a state court judge to lower their bond. Above, Miller listens as his attorney Christine Branstad speaks during a hearing on bond review at the Jefferson County Courthouse in Fairfield, Iowa, on Tuesday, November 23, 2021.
Zach Boyden-Holmes / The Des Moines Register via AP

Brown asked Judge Joel Yates to take into account the details the investigators have given “about the planning … the act that caused Mrs Graber’s death and the treatment of her after her death is what appears to us to be too brutal. “

Molding said there is no level of external oversight that would ensure the safety of society. He asked the judge to increase the bond to $ 2 million for Miller.

Graber’s body was found hidden under a tarp, wheelbarrow and railroad tracks at Chautauqua Park in Fairfield, about 95 miles southeast of Des Moines.

Police said in court documents that they received a tip that Goodale was publishing details about the planning of the killing on social media. The documents indicated that police investigators found clothing that appeared to contain blood in the teens’ homes.

Legal documents also claim Miller made statements about being in the park when Graber was killed, and about providing materials used in her death and hiding the body.

Both teens attended Fairfield High School, where Graber had been teaching Spanish since 2012.

Yates said he would consider arguments and filed a bond decision next week.

Hearings for both are also scheduled for Monday, but their lawyers have indicated they are likely to file written court documents in which they will file a plea, eliminating the need for another court hearing.

Jeremy Everett Goodale, Bond, Hearing
Judge Joel Yates said he would file a bond decision next week for Jeremy Everett Goodale and Willard Noble Chaiden Miller. Above, Goodale and his attorney Nicole Jensen are attending a hearing on bond review at the Jefferson County Courthouse in Fairfield, Iowa, on Tuesday, November 23, 2021.
Zach Boyden-Holmes / The Des Moines Register via AP

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