The Metro Vancouver windstorm leaves 4,500+ residents without power

In the wake of a massive windstorm that shook Metro Vancouver, BC Hydro is working to repair the resulting power outages.

On Monday 15 November, gusts of wind up to 70-90 km / h knocked down trees and launched garden furniture from the roofs. As a result, over 4,500 residents of Metro Vancouver were left without power from trees that fell across lines or wires that fell to the ground or equipment failure.

For the city of Vancouver, approximately 380 are without power, and BC Hydro reports small outages on University Endowment Lands. Major outcomes are located in East Vancouver.

  • 353 – West of Renfrew St., north of Ravine St., south of 22nd Ave., east of Slocan St.
  • 18 – South of 49th Ave., north of Celtic Ave., west of Marine Dr., east of Balaclava St.
  • 12 – South of 44th Ave., east of Collingwood St., west of Glendalough Pl., North of Marine Dr.
  • <5 - Rogers St. Corner Stewart St., 0 block Rogers St.

Currently, the biggest outage is in North Vancouver.

  • 2299 – East of Sunnyside Dr., north of 20th St., west of St Georges Ave., south of Blythwood Dr.
  • 1723 – East of Bridgman Ave., south of Fairmont Rd., North of 2nd St., west of Mahon Ave.
  • 49 – 800 block W 16th St.
  • <5 - 2600 block Cactus Crt.

About 30 residents of Surrey are also without power.

  • 12 – 13900 block 64 Ave.
  • 12 – 13100 block 67a Ave., 6700 block 132 st.
  • <5 - 10200 block 161 St.
  • <5 - 16600 block 31b Ave.

Crews have also been assigned a minor power outage on west Vancouver’s 2200 block of Kings Ave. after a tree fell over BC Hydro’s wires.

In Richmond, a crew has been assigned to the 8200 block of Westminster Hwy for an outcome affecting 57.

In Delta, BC Hydro has reported two minor outages at 2900 – 3100 block 57B St, Deltaport Way and 5700 block on 28 Ave.

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