What to Watch on TV, December 2021

Santa Inc. (HBO Max): Premiere December 2nd

Syphys Poles, which premiered last spring, already put a profane twist on Christmas, what about its animated cock pictures and grim-mouthed Claus family reunion. But Santa Inc. can help go up, thanks to its space on HBO Max. The stop-motion series stars Sarah Silverman as Candy Smalls, a determined and hyper-competent Santa who wants to follow Santa Claus (Seth Rogen, who somehow does not laugh once in this red band trailer) who, uh , Santa Claus. The problem is that Santa Claus has always been white men, as her elves senior notes. It will not stop the brave Candy who decides to toot and toot with the worst of them. If you want to mix up your holiday view, Santa Inc. seems to be a safe, exuberant bet. [Danette Chavez]


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