Belfast Weather: The Met Office says snow is expected across Northern Ireland this weekend

Winter weather has well and truly arrived across Northern Ireland over the past week as a dip in temperatures and frost on cars has made us ready to head into December.

As storm Arwen begins to take effect across the country with a yellow weather warning of wind in place, some parts of Northern Ireland are likely to see snow make its first appearance this season.

Although there is currently no snow warning in place by the Met Office for Northern Ireland this weekend, Friday is set to bring heavy showers which will “become wintry on the hills later”.

In a speech to Belfast Live, the Met Office said that although they do not expect “significant amounts” of snow, it is likely that we will see white peaks on the mountains and high ground.

A spokesman for the Met Office said: “There’s definitely some snow coming over the hills, so people like Sperrins and Mournes.

“On Friday night and beyond, light cover can be seen, but at this stage it will most likely only be limited to the high level – possibly Saturday morning the strange snowflake may be falling to lower levels, even in the Belfast area. ”

The most frequent snow showers will be on the north coast of Antrim and County Derry, but it will come south towards the rest of the province.

They continued: “There will be scattered winter showers with some snow during Saturday morning, but in terms of snow accumulation or chance of snow disruption throughout Northern Ireland, it will be very limited, if at all.

“We do not expect any significant amounts to settle at low levels, but there is a reasonable chance that we will see some hail and snow even in the city centers of Belfast, Newry and Bangor.”

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