Boost your browsing with Black Friday savings on ROCKSPACE Wi-Fi devices

Extenders, routers, mesh systems; they are all here with money, thanks to ROCKSPACE’s Black Friday 2021 offer.

ROCKSPACE wifi mesh repeater extender

Anyone who has a home office located as far from their wireless router as physically possible will tell you; it can be an absolute a nightmare. Fortunately, however, there are many devices that can help in such circumstances, such as mesh systems, Wi-Fi extenders, and Wi-Fi repeaters.

ROCKSPACE manufactures all three and creates a convenient ecosystem for anyone stuck with Wi-Fi dead zones or blunt thick interior walls. You can grab a selection of these devices to suit your needs, thanks to ROCKSPACE’s Amazon discounts this Black Friday.

Beat the bandwidth blues with ROCKSPACE’s Black Friday offerings

As we say, if you hit Amazon, you can grab a selection of ROCKSPACE’s Wi-Fi amplifying devices at massively discounted prices. Here is what we have:

So even if you live in a relatively large building, you may still be able to boost your Wi-Fi signal far away from the router with these burning offers from ROCKSPACE.

What do the ROCKSPACE devices do?

rockspace a2100 wifi extension
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As you can see, there are three different device types available here; mesh systems, extenders and repeaters. So what do these all do, and how are they different?

A Wi-Fi repeater is a device that is typically plugged into an electrical outlet. Simply put, it creates a new network that you can connect to, which means that connecting it to an electrical outlet halfway between your router and your office can improve your signal if you connect your device to the “new” network.

A Wi-Fi extension is very similar to a repeater. But instead of setting up a new network to connect your device to, it strengthens the existing signal, which should hopefully improve your connection if you’re in a Wi-Fi dead zone. Again, the extension will be connected directly to the wall socket.

A Wi-Fi mesh network will cover pretty much your entire home, so if you live in an older building with thick walls and lots of Wi-Fi dead points, these are a gift from God. They amplify the signal across a large area, generally within the middle of the thousand square feet, so between 4-7,000 square feet, give or take.

A mesh system will also allow your devices to automatically connect to any of the nodes or satellites in their network. Nodes and satellites are just other names for the extensions that you place around the home as part of your mesh system. Your device will automatically connect to the node with the strongest signal.

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Expand your network this Black Friday with ROCKSPACE

If you are tired and tired of sloppy wireless connections that leave a lot to be desired in the reliability effort, then you should wipe out these dead zones with a discount from ROCKSPACE.

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