BTP is asking for a “clarification” of housing policy in Lyon

The Construction Association condemns the decline in the construction of new homes and calls for “a clarification of the housing construction policy in the areas”

The Rhône Construction Association’s observation about the housing supply in the metropolitan area of ​​Lyon is not new. ” France, the Rhône department, the Lyon metropolis, has for five years suffered from a severe shortage of new housing, and fewer and fewer are being built. It’s an incredible paradox ‘Condemn the professionals through their union.

Or «rien n’a bougé “Sorry, the President, Samuel Minot,” or rather, if everything moves, in all directions The Confederation deplores the differentiated policies by territories, such as the prioritization of social housing in Lyon’s metropolis, when this is not necessarily the case in other territories, nor the will of all mayors in the sector.

« The addition of policies – undoubtedly virtuous – of each other lacks coherence and convergence »Sorry connected in a press release. ” We no longer know what the place of new construction in the economy is “, continues its president,” Where to build? And what ? We have an urgent need for a clarification of the housing construction policy in the areas “. Define the way we should live.

The association thus calls on the elected representatives of the Lyon metropolis to coordinate. ” You see. Do you speak. It is your responsibility, it is your duty as a citizen to offer a coherent physical planning vision ” calls on the construction association, “Concrete solutions for everyone to find housing ».

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