Burnaby worker pronounces abuse related to coronavirus rules

My email inbox contains a lot of “open letters” sent to various politicians, including Burnaby Mayor Mike Hurley.

The latest is from James, a City of Burnaby worker who is tired and ready to stop because of the abuse he and other city workers are exposed to daily from “customers” who do not like COVID-19 related rules.

“I’m surprised several employees have not just said this, I’m done,” James writes, adding that people do not seem to understand that city workers do not set the rules – the provincial health officer and the BC government do.

“No one is intentionally out to make your visit a hassle,” James writes. “Why do people take it out of the staff who are just trying to do what we are asked to do? Do not ask and assume that we can make exceptions because you do not want to wear a mask or because you think it’s a hassle every time you want to train and have to show your vaccine passport.Are you asking the police if they can just search for your name on medical record instead of having to show them your driver’s license? the necessary documents and think it is us who are unreasonable.This should not be new to anyone in BC Have you lived under a rock or are you just avoiding all current events? For the sake of good order your student card is not a valid publicly issued id, it’s not your credit card, Costco card, library card or credit card either. Disappointing enough, all true stories. “

James also says that the rule of being double-vaccinated is not a city rule, it is a provincial rule, and yet staff are abused to enforce the rules.

“You were not vaccinated, why should that be our problem? It is a privilege to participate in recreational activities. A bit like driving a car, just because you feel you are entitled to drive, you can not do without a driver’s license and why, you ask? ”

James also says that there is no point in trying to debate the city’s staff just because you do not like the provincial rules – it will not change anything.

“This job does not come close to paying enough to endure the harassment, threats, constant whining and complaints we go through every minute,” James writes. “We just want to provide a safe and comfortable environment for the public and for the people who work there. If you want to get everyone ‘This is my right and my freedom’ BS and think it’s about you and how everything should be there just for you and your convenience, do us all a favor and go somewhere else.Seriously, you’re so miserable to deal with when you get here, just go to all the other places you compare our place with.It’s not a matter of discussion or you have to prove your point, it’s a question of whether you accept it and abide by it or whether you do not accept it and you go.It’s really that simple. “

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