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That Niantic company, which initially originated from Google and has been considered a leader in augmented reality after developing his famous game Pokemon Go , will join the list of companies exploring the world of metaverser .

Thanks to one investment of $ 300 million , contributed by the Investment Manager Coatue , they will develop their project ” metavers of the real world ”. This investment, in addition to allowing the company to develop other projects, increased its value to $ 9 billion.

According to Coatue General Partner Matt Mazzeo, Niantic builds a platform based on a 3D map of the world, which they believe will play a crucial role in the next transition in computing. “We’re happy to work with you Niantic because we see that this infrastructure supports one metavers for the real world and helps drive the next development of The Internet . “

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Niantic wants to develop technology that brings people closer to the outside world, which is why it presented its Lightship AR Developer Kit (ARDK) , which makes the tools for developing AR games available to the public and free of charge, which can be used by anyone with knowledge of the core of Unity game engine .

Coatue ‘s investment will help Niantic expand ARDK , which has already been used by companies such as Coachella , Historic royal palaces , Universal images , SoftBank , Warner Music Group and PGA of America to create augmented reality experiences . The idea is to replace technology such as virtual reality headsets, which are still inaccessible to a large part of the population, with WITH projects that primarily use smartphones to encourage people to explore their external environment.

Niantic gives as an example the fact that people can go through the same mural and receive a description of what that mural represents of Pokéstop . According to the company, millions of people play their games every month, which has caused them to walk more than 10.9 billion miles on their games since launch.

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“On Niantic , we believe that people are happiest when their virtual world transitions to a physical one, “explained John Hanke , founder and CEO of Niantic. “Unlike a science fiction metavers, and metavers in the real world will use technology to enhance our experience of the world as we have known it for thousands of years. “

Other projects that Niantic will develop are new games and applications and the growth of its Lighthouse platform that will allow developers around the world to realize their visions for augmented reality and metavers of the real world .

In the meantime Pokémon GO remains a huge success: it raised more than $ 1 billion in 2020 and is expected to exceed this revenue in 2021, according to data from the app analytics firm Sensor tower . Although it has several games, they have not had the same approval as Pokémon GO among their audience: Niantic announced that it will close Harry Potter: Wizards Unite after consumer consumption on the application and global installations fell 57% year-on-year.

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