Fake health pass sold for € 1,000: a doctor, his accomplices and buyers in police custody

Passed and dummy PCR tests were seized in the office and at the home of a doctor who practiced in Val-de-Marne.

The scam that pays big. A 56-year-old doctor from Joinville-Le-Pont in Val-de-Marne, south of Paris, is said to have sponsored a very lucrative business by selling fake health cards for the modest sum of 1,000 euros.

220 identified buyers

At least 220 buyers would have been identified and the doctor was assisted by two accomplices, as reported by LCI.

The scheme was simple and very lucrative.

the investigation is being led by Créteil’s prosecution for “gross fraud” and “false administrative”.

Arrests and searches

The man was arrested and placed in police custody this Tuesday, November 23rd. During the search of his office and home, investigators seized fake health cards, fake PCR tests.

The man lived in a house in Seine-Saint-Denis worth more than 600,000 euros and had several bank accounts, each with amounts of several thousand euros.

Of53-year-old woman living in Val-de-Marne and one 49-year-old man in Brittany suspected of being complicit in the doctor was also arrested and was placed in custody.

A Snapchat account as a showcase

The warning for this scam was given in July.

-one Snapchat account offered fake health passes for sale and fake PCR tests.

Very quickly, investigators were able to track down the trail, and they noticed that the buyers had never been to the doctor’s office..

About twenty buyers also in police custody

In addition to the abusive doctor and his two alleged accomplices, one Twenty buyers of fake health passports were also placed in police custody this Tuesday, 23 November must be heard, as reported by Europe 1.

They are all major and they told investigators that they were not against the vaccination, but that they just wanted to pass so they could go on vacation and travel.

And without the two full doses, some preferred to buy fake passports for their vacation.

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