GBC.AI partnered with IDAXA to help amplify a formidable voice in the Blockchain industry

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / November 25, 2021 / GBC.AI with its groundbreaking proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) Smart-Blockchain technology, has partnered with IDAXA to research and develop long-term solutions to harmonize the fundamentals of decentralization with regulation, compliance and widespread public use of Blockchain products and services.

William De’Ath, Chief Communications Officer at GBC.AI, commented:

“By using our adapted artificial intelligence, it is possible to significantly reduce the risk, both foreseeable and unforeseen, which is of concern to the regulators and authorities that IDAXA is in discussion with.”

Anson Zeall, chairman at IDAXA, commented:

“This partnership with GBC.AI demonstrates IDAXA’s commitment to innovation, while continuing to reduce risks, such as money laundering and terrorist financing, across the Blockchain ecosystem. Utilization of AI technologies will enable industry to acquire more accurate intelligence and insight to proactively meet the needs of the sector. “

With their distinctive approaches and activities, IDAXA and GBC.AI are Blockchain pioneers in regulation and AI, respectively, and together both organizations complement each other in providing benefits to the industry. By bringing their expertise and network together, they create a unique and highly informed voice on the global stage, while increasing positive awareness and adoption of Blockchain solutions.

About GBC.AI

GBC.AI incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) into all blockchains in a transformative way. GBC.AI determined exactly how to implement its proprietary AI with distributed ledger (DLT) technology leading to optimization and improvements. GBC.AI wants blockchains to become dynamic and, more importantly, self-aware. This is accomplished by detecting protocol issues and ensuring that vulnerabilities are addressed in advance before they become issues, keeping blockchains efficient and secure.


National, regional and borderless, IDAXA seeks to help Blockchain and Crypto Trade Associations as well as their respective members develop towards convergence with the mainstream, thereby enabling inclusive and sustainable growth for the industry at all levels.

In addition to its signature drive – the V20 Summit, which is held annually with the G20 Summit – IDAXA continues to build bridges between public and private sector stakeholders and create an atmosphere of open cooperation that promotes appropriate development, amendment and promulgation of standards, rules, statutes and other legislative guidelines or requirements.

Through its communications efforts, IDAXA enables global information programs to increase the public’s understanding of the industry and its latest trends, thereby promoting the adoption and use of the technology and services supported by its members.

Both IDAXA and GBC.AI complement each other as they benefit this industry by bringing their network and expertise together. They both create highly informed and strong voice globally, resulting in positive awareness and adoption of blockchain solutions worldwide.

Annie clain
Outreach Manager IDAXA


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