In Marvel’s Hawkeye, everyone bought Google Pixel [Gallery]

It was established in Avengers: Endgame that Hawkeye, aka Clint Barton, has a Pixel 3. As revealed in the trailer last month, use continues in Hawkeye, where the Disney + show sees the main characters use a Google Pixel.

Barton uses a Just Black Pixel 3, but the user interface is customizable and does not look like Android at all. It was demonstrated when Avenger searched on Google, where Chrome was clearly not used. His wife Laura uses a Pixel 3 in Not Pink and we see the original Google Phone calling feature. Hawkeye is also seen with a burner flip phone. As my colleague Ben Schoon has previously noted:

If you dig too deep into the context, it’s likely that this is not the same phone, given the events that immediately followed Clint’s emotionally charged calls, but it’s at least the same model. That means, canonically speaking, that Clint Barton is enjoying his Pixel phone enough to the point where he bought another.

Meanwhile, Kate Bishop uses a Just Black Pixel 4, which runs a very custom operating system that actually makes sense given the context of the story. You can see the thick edge that houses the Soli and face unlock hardware. Notice the strange navigation system where there is a central pill and buttons in the lower corners.

The latest Google phone, so far, in Hawkeye is a Sorta Sage Pixel 5 used by Kate’s mother, Eleanor. It is protected by a Smokey Gray cloth bag with its salmon switch button clearly visible. Filming on Hawkeye began in December 2020 and ended on April 21 with resumes in September 2021. Pixel 5 had just been released and is one of the more updated product placements.

It’s not clear what the details of this cross-promotion – if any – exist. For example, there are Sony Xperia phones in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Marvel Studios might just like to use Google phones and have knowledge of green-screening them by running custom user interfaces / workflows. Either way, it’s a nice touch for fans of both Pixel devices and MCUs.

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