Lyon: no deal, controversy over video surveillance … what do we know about the shots fired at the police

Shots like “were made to kill”. A shooting broke out Monday night in Lyon. An investigation into attempted murder of a person with public authority has been launched. Update on what we know when the matter turns into a controversy between the Home Secretary and Lyon Mayor Grégory Doucet.

What happened ?

The facts took place Monday night around 7pm in La Duchère, a sensitive district in the city’s 9th arrondissement. They are described as “serious” by the prefect of the Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes region, Pascal Mailhos, in front of the press, specifying that “very fortunately no one has been injured”.

These are three police officers from a crew of the Anti-Crime Brigade (Bac), who were attacked during “a classic surveillance intervention of a point of agreement”, the prefect specified. The city’s prosecutor’s office confirmed that the shots were aimed at police officers patrolling the neighborhood.

In what context did these shootings take place?

“We are in a place of very strong trade, and that is undoubtedly in terms of action (against drug trafficking) which took place in recent days, and especially last week, ”said the representative of the state. According to the regional daily Le Progrès, the shooting happened early in the evening before the neighborhood was cordoned off by police, who called in reinforcements from the raid.

If no one was injured, these “extremely serious facts”, in the words of Mayor EELV in the town of Grégory Doucet, still provoked the mobilization of the raid, which shut down two HLM poles, according to France 3. This Tuesday, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin , hailed on Twitter “the brave act that [les] police and gendarmes in the fight against drugs ”, while lamenting the absence of surveillance cameras in the neighborhood.

What are the city’s mayor and interior minister doing?

In the wake of the events, it was a weapons pass that opposed Grégory Doucet and Gérald Darmanin. The tenant of Place Beauvau on Tuesday lamented the absence of surveillance cameras in the district affected by the shootings, and sent the mayor EELV a letter urging him to install them.

During a press conference devoted to the government’s efforts on security issues, the interior minister stressed that it was “the third time” that he sent a letter to this effect to the city councilor.

In this letter, which AFP was aware of, Gérald Darmanin recalls that “the state is ready to co-finance surveillance systems” and insists on “the importance of benefiting from comprehensive video protection coverage, both for security residents and for those who secure their protection every day “. Speaking to mayors in general and to Lyons “in particular” during his press conference, he felt the need to “get out of the ideology and place video-camera cameras” in drug trafficking locations.

Words that Grégory Doucet hardly tasted. This Tuesday morning, the mayor of Lyons responded directly to the press: “There are already 60 cameras installed (at Duchère), we can not say that the district is not videotaped. Last week I asked that we move cameras to cover an area, the relocation is underway. The interior minister does not have the right numbers. “There is no ideology, I am extremely pragmatic,” he continued.

Where is the survey?

At present, no arrest has taken place. A large number of police officers, helmets and gunmen, were still deployed Tuesday afternoon near the site of the shootings. This “operation to secure and find points of agreement” mobilizes 70 officials, the prefect of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region said during a press briefing on the spot.

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