MARSEILLE: Forks Awards Marseille 2021 recognizes chef Camille Gandolfo from Les Bords de Mer hotel

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This Monday, November 22, on the occasion of the 2nd The Fork Awards ceremony, held at the Palais de La Bourse in Marseille, the 2021 award list was unveiled.

Sponsored by Michelin chef Lionel Levy, Camille Gandolfo received from the restaurant Les Bords de Mer the public award The Fork Awards Marseille.

An inauguration for the young Marseille chef with a rich professional background.

It was the multi-star chef Éric Frechon, gastronomic mentor for the Les Domaines de Fontenille Collection, who offered him the opportunity to join Les Bords de Mer and take charge of the cuisines. Together, they envisioned a culinary offering that celebrated the diversity of Marseille cuisine.

At Les Bords de Mer, Camille Gandolfo offers generous, fresh and unique dishes that pay homage to seafood.

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