Matthew Stafford’s wife to avoid LA Ram’s away games after the pretzel incident

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25/11/2021 –

Din Tuesday’s edition of her podcast, “The Morning After with Kelly Stafford,” Matthew Stafford’s wife, Kelly, dealt with the incident that took place during last week’s match between Rams and 49ers in Santa Clara, where he threw a piece of soft pastry at a fan in response to buh.

“He said, ‘Well, I wish I was just as accurate as you were, but I guess only one person in the family was exactly that night.'” Kelly divided.

Stafford, who is in his first season with Rams, had a tough fight in last Monday’s defeat to 49s, where he completed 26 of 41 passes on 243 yards and a touchdown. He was also subjected to two interceptions on two consecutive occasions in the first quarter.

Kelly, who has been married to Stafford since 2015, added it the 13-year-old quarterback also said: “Maybe if I did not play so s-ty, the guy would not be able to say so much to you.”

“That’s what I was looking for [Stafford] and I thought, “This guy would have said anything all night,” she said, noting that the couple also decided she would press break on away games for now.

That Aries (7-3) must face the Packers (8-3) this Sunday.

As for Kelly, who apologized last week and said there is “zero excuses“for his actions, so he decided to watch Rams matches from home.

“Football and going to matches, it’s fun, and ultimately both sides must also be held accountable for what they do, and for my family and myself, it’s not just a fun Sunday or a fun Monday, it’s fun. my husband’s livelihood, our family’s livelihood, “she said.

While Kelly made it clear on Tuesday that she wants to improve her behavior, she also noted that she is not someone who hides from her mistakes.


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