Michel Sardou: “Theater works better in the provinces than in Paris”

His comeback hailed on stage with N’écoutez pas Mesdames, on Sunday 28 November in Béziers, his songs, the world around him … The huge artist gave an interview to Midi Libre.

You are no longer performing for concert, what convinced you to come back on stage with Guitry?

I love Guitry, I know his theater almost fully, and the opportunity has offered itself. I reread this piece and I would do it because it’s wonderfully well written, it’s funny, it’s Guitry what! People have a lot of fun and laugh, make people laugh, it’s my favorite thing about theater, so I’m very happy to play it.

Your character, a man who considers himself cheated, takes a cynical and ironic look at the fairer sex. What does it mean to you?

It’s a bit at odds with today’s fashion. He talks about fashionable Guitry women. Guitry was an outraged rooster, with a slightly harsh vision, he is never very gentle with women, but he loves them.

How does this text resonate today?

He entertains people because it is the opposite of what everyone is saying right now. Without being aggressive either, it’s a fun piece, not at all anti-feminine, on the contrary.

The text questions the art of loving, how would you qualify your relationship with women?

He is perfect (laughs), I have been married for 22 years, I have known my wife for 44 years, I am very happy.

Theater: Michel Sardou is expected on November 28 in Béziers

His performance was praised. Michel Sardou will meet on Sunday 28 November at 18.00 in Béziers, Zinga Zanga room, in N’Ecoutez pas Mesdames. This Guitry classic, directed by Nicolas Briançon and produced by Strateges Organization-Gilles Marcoz, is carried by a distinguished cast: Nicole Croisille, Lisa Martino, Carole Richert, Eric Laugerias, Patrick Raynal, Laurent Spielvogel, Michel Dussarat and Dorothée Deblaton. The story: Daniel asks his supposedly hesitant wife to leave. Valentine, his first wife, hurries to win him back. “The misunderstandings, misunderstandings and manipulations are intertwined: it’s successful, the public is hanging on to the elaborate dramaturgy,” writes France Inter.

You’re re-establishing the connection here to your first passion, the actor, but have you not always been, even with this way of unfolding stories and characters in your songs?

Yes, it’s different, but similar, you interpret a song as a role. At the beginning of the piece I have a monologue, it’s practically a song. The difference is that in the theater we have partners, that’s all.

It’s also a human adventure, how do you live this crossing of France with this troop in the midst of a pandemic?

It’s a bit complicated, considering the year we lived with Covid and that we unfortunately continue to live, there are theaters that have been canceled, some that are bankrupt, others that have no more money to buy the show, so we have to drive many kilometers, it’s a bit tiring, but my God, afterwards on stage it does not feel at all, we meet again.

I discovered, on the other hand, that theater works better in the provinces than in Paris because it goes to people. The next piece I play starts with the trip. I have the impression that we are going back to my parents’ theater, and that is not dissatisfied with me. In my opinion, this is the future, because in Paris people do not want to take the car to get to the theater at the end of the day, the traffic is incredible, we are angry, we can not park …

Do you have other projects?

I want to continue the theater, play other plays. I have plans, but with the doubt we all have about the theaters, people will come, is there the mask, the pass, this damn epidemic … The theaters are waiting to see how things will develop, me too.

“The package is not bad after all”

The health crisis continues to disrupt cultural life, accessible on a health pass, a principle that continues to be challenged by a minority fringe of the population. “I’m vaccinated, I have my passport, it’s basically not bad, it was used to vaccinate people, and like all inactive vaccines, reminders need to be given, that makes sense,” notes Michel Sardou. “But I do not take sides,” he explains, “these are very personal things, I have friends who are against the vaccine, I tried to discuss with them, they are convinced that it is their right.”

Your audience also asserts you on stage with your songs …

I’ve done fifty years on stage as a singer, I think it’s okay, it’s not bad already! Now I have the theater that I really like and always liked. I go back to my beginning, in fact I started with the theater. But in the song, I honestly think I no longer have my place, I can not change my style or pretend to be fashion, it would be ridiculous.

I let the new generation come, they are good, they have talent, they replace us quietly, as they always do, it’s normal, but I will not come back, to say what else? If not to try to be in the game, it would be a little sad, I think. I would rather have them remember my songs than bring them new.

Do you think you are not in your songs?

The job has changed a lot, it’s happening now via the internet, the platforms, it’s good, it’s something else, it’s a different system, a different way of doing this job, I have nothing against d ‘elsewhere, but I will do not do it. I do not want to make my clips for the internet.

Is there anything that could make you come back on stage to sing?

No, when I make a decision, I definitely make it.

Your songs still continue to resonate on stage with the musical I am going to love you …

It’s amazing, I’m the first to be surprised, I was almost saying no to them at first … I would not have approved a biopic, a story, why not, but I was very surprised, because my style , precisely, c is to have no style. I do everything, it jumps from rock to the slow 60s, my songs range from Vladimir Ilich to Popular Balls, via La Maladie d’amour and Connemara, they have no connection, there is no connection, it is very varied, I jumps from rooster to donkey.

But they found a formidable system (the story of six friends aboard the liner France, to the United States, in 1962, editor’s note). I have not seen it yet, but I have heard some samples, they made mockups in the studio, it is sung really well and it seems to work.

On your title Woman in the 80s, they feminized the name of the professions. What do you think ?

I do not know, I want to see, I want to see her as soon as I finish my trip.

At least it shows that others are still grabbing your songs, as was the case with La Famille Bélier.

Yes and it was very good. It’s so much better than releasing a new song that does not work (laughs).

Do you still feel so out of step with your time?

I do not really like this century. I do not really like life as it has become now. Social media, wokism, something like that I’m not really worried about.

You do not necessarily approve wokism …

I do not approve of it at all, if it pleases so much the better, personally, then I find it ridiculous. It’s something that comes to us from the United States, as always. It goes over, like the rest …

President: “I do not believe in any of them”

Michel Sardou will perform this Sunday in Béziers, Robert Ménard’s town. “I do not know him, but I know who he is,” the singer explains when asked about this much talked about mayor. Presidential campaign? “I do not care! What I have heard and seen so far has not exceeded me, he confides. I do not believe in any of them. De Gaulle saw the election as a meeting between a man and a people I have not met Hi m… “

“Gaullist” assumed, even though he was “the first singer banned” by the general, he remembers Michel Sardou participating like everyone else in this race for inheritance, very popular during the election period. “It’s like those who call themselves Bonapartists, it’s a little ridiculous,” said the man who, by the way, saw in Emmanuel Macron “a very bad actor,” in 2019. “It’s true, he’s a little steep,” he jokes. , assures that he will not position himself in 2022. “I did it once with Chirac, he was a friend, explains Michel Sardou, but when artists get involved in politics, it does not bring him anything and it costs artists a lot of money “People like us when we have fun with them, move them as soon as we tell them they do like me, it does not work. We are not there for that.”

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