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Sexual violencedossier

Several left-wing politicians have given their support to the women who will testify on Thursday night at the special envoy against the former host star in Ushuaia. Justice currently has no case in its hands in this case.

No one knows the content, but it is the most coveted report at the moment. Former Minister of Ecological Transformation, Nicolas Hulot, spoke on Wednesday on the BFMTV set to counter the allegations of rape and sexual assault against him by several women whose testimony will be broadcast Thursday night on the show Correspondent on France 2. Since then, several politicians, mainly classified on the left, have wanted to provide support to the victims.

The first to respond was the national secretary of Europe Ecology-the Greens, Julien Bayou. Less than two hours after Hulot spoke on television, Bayou said “Measure the courage it took for these people to break the law of silence”. The head of the ecologists then explained: “We respect the presumption of innocence, but we know how difficult it is for victims to be heard, and we are concerned not to invalidate their words.”. As for the five women speaking in tonight’s documentary, Bayou assures: “I believe in them”. A strong and meaningful sentence.

No complaint has been lodged and the judiciary is not currently investigating this case. The only items currently available are those revealed by ephemeral magazine Ebdo in 2018. Élise Lucet’s show this Thursday will definitely bring a new stone to the building. EE-LV number 1 agrees: “We have not seen the documentary, but we will always be on the side of the victims”. He pursues: “I therefore invite politicians who know and keep quiet to finally take the floor”.

“Hear these words”

Several political leaders have followed in the footsteps of Julien Bayou. That is what the Socialist Party’s first secretary, Olivier Faure, thinks he is “There to say you have to hear what women say”. ‘French society must accept hearing these words. When you have a bundle of conjecture, with many women telling the same story, there is strong reason to believe that it is not fabrication. ”, the leader of the Socialists explained at the microphone to France Info. While specifying: “I can not accuse anyone, I have no legitimacy to do so”. Olivier Faure also stands up for the women who testify.

The argument often arises: “to believe” people who claim to be victims of sexual assault do not contradict respect for the presumption of innocence. Sandrine Rousseau, defeated candidate in the environmental primary election, shares this view. She remembered that on Wednesday “Nicolas Hulot has the right to a presumption of innocence”, as “Women have the right to presume the credibility of their testimony”. “We believe in you, bravo for your courage”, assured Rousseau.

The prosecution was able to conduct an investigation

The attitude does not convince everyone. To take sides for those who claim to be victims of rape, even though nothing has been transferred to the judicial authorities, does not fall into the liking of the majority. Invited to LCI Thursday morning, Eric Dupond-Moretti declined to comment in detail on the case. But according to him, it is against justice that must turn the women who testify Correspondent. “It is neither on social networks nor on television that we do justice”, said the Guardian of the Seals. Then he clarified his position: “I expressly requested in a circular to the prosecution that an investigation be conducted to specifically ask if other complainants might be concerned. If the condemned facts are prescribed, it does not prevent the prosecution from conducting an investigation.”.

His colleague in the government, the Minister for Citizenship, Marlène Schiappa, is on the same line. She told France Info Hope “Justice opens an inquiry if there are elements”, to ensure it “Justice is independent”.


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