Perth man Nicholas Simon Lee arrested in Bali for alleged possession of meth

A miner in Perth faces the possibility of a long Balinese prison stay after being arrested by police on the island for allegedly possessing methamphetamine.

Nicholas Simon Lee was reportedly arrested after his villa was attacked by police on Tuesday night.

Inside, police allegedly found 0.82 grams of meth belonging to Mr Lee, Nine News reported Thursday night.

He was with another man at the time.

The 50-year-old man, originally from Perth, was on the popular tourist on holiday after traveling from Papua New Guinea, where he works in the country’s mining industry.

Police claim Lee had been on the Indonesian island for two weeks before his arrest and bought meth in Kuta for about $ 150.

Attorney Edward Pangkahila said Lee was distraught over his decision and has apologized to his family and friends.

“He said he stopped doing (meth) for four years… And started doing it again when he came to Bali,” Mr Pangkahila said.

“He is very (sorry) about the situation.”

Lee risks a maximum prison sentence of 12 years for possession of meth if convicted.


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