PuSh Festival announces 2022 lineup

Big news for the art scene in Vancouver: PuSh International Performing Arts Festival has just announced the lineup for its 18th annual edition, which takes place from January 20 to February 6 next year.

The event will take place in various locations across the lower mainland, featuring 14 works of theater, dance, music and multimedia by local, national and international artists.

Canadian companies and artists participating in the festival include Crow’s Theater / Cliff Cardinal, Tarragon Theater and Black Theater Workshop, Theater Replacement, Joe Jack & John, LION LION, Collectif Aalaapi | La Messe Basse, Vivek Shraya and Canadian Stage, Leah Abramson , Aphotic Theater, ITSAZOO Productions, Talking Stick Festival, The Honest Theater Company, Immigrant Lessons, Music Picnic / Njo Kong Kie 楊光奇, MAYDAY and Ruby Singh.

“PuSh has always been an accelerator that animated our imagination and transformed our perspectives,” says the main programmer Gabrielle Martin in a press release. “The 2022 PuSh program is a timely catalyst that facilitates an emergence from our social dormancy with works that capture, evoke, activate and confront.

Gabrielle Martin

“At a time when we are all figuring out where we are after what has happened,” she adds, “this year’s festival line-up is helping us place ourselves in the complexity of human experience. . “

Martin is with Margo Kane and Jason dubois in the newly formed PuSh Collaborative Leadership Team, which will lead the organization and lead the 2022 festival. Kane will also contribute to programming, indigenous art community relations, and decolonization initiatives.

“At this crucial time in history,” Kane said in the press release, “we need to embrace ways in which we can truly engage in real relationships, both new and old, and reaffirm a willingness to find ways to work together. , which honors all contributions, and is an example of ‘good medicine’ for our many communities. “

Leah Abramsons Songs for a lost pod presented with Music on Main.
Angela Fama

The festival will feature three world premieres from Canadian artists and companies—Do you mind if I’m sitting here? by Theater replacement, Cafeen by ITSAZOO Productions & Aphotic Theater, and Leah Abramson‘s Songs for a lost podand two Canadian premieres from international companies: Capitalism works for me! True false of the United States Steve Lambert and Born to manifest by Joseph Toonga by the British Just Us Dance Theater.

PuSh Club, the festival’s platform for out-of-the-box work and interactive experiences, offers three nights curated by Vancouver partners, The Honest Theater Company, The Talking Stick Festival, and Immigrant Lessons from 2-4 p.m. February at 21.00 at Performance Works.

“Club PuSh is a place where you can enjoy drinks, get in touch with our artists and party with your other PuSh goers,” reads the information in the press release. “It’s also the place for great performances in a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere: drag artists, DJs, musicians and street dancers all throw themselves here.”

Other highlights of the festival include:

Ruby Singhs Vox.Infold, presented with the Indian Summer Festival.

* Ruby Singh‘s Vox.Infold, presented with the Indian Summer Festival, which takes place 20-23. and 25.-30. January in Lobe Studio featuring Singh with a powerful vocal ensemble that includes Dawn Pemberton, Inuksuk Mckay, Russell Wallace, Tiffany Ayalik, Tiffany Moses and Shamik Bilgi.

* Vivek Shraya‘s How to fail as a pop star, which runs 1-2. February at Performance Works and is a theatrical memoir – a mix of anecdote, movement and music – of singer Shraya’s trip to the brink of fame and back.

* Cliff Cardinal‘s William Shakespeare’s As You Like It: A Radical Retelling That Runs 4.-6. February at the York Theater and is a subversive update of Bard’s classic that rejoices in black humor, difficult subject matter and raw emotions.

Tickets for the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival 2022 go on sale on November 24, and you can find them here.


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