Retro VR Shooter Compound Overhaul Tutorial, leaving early access soon

A new update to VR FPS Compound has dropped on Steam, which has reviewed the tutorial and added a new onboarding experience for gamers.

The game is inspired by classic shooters like Doom and Wolfenstein, which modernize the retro feel with randomized floors of enemies. It’s still in Early Access for PC VR, but it looks like a full release is near.

compound update

The latest patch, V0.5.29, is about improving the experience for those who come fresh to the game, making it a great time for new players to jump on board. According to the patch notes on Steam, “the update significantly improves the game for first-time players, including an overhauled headquarters, shooting range and tutorial.”

This includes new guidance pictures and charts, clear indicators of weapon rank positions, new interactable items at headquarters and more.

This update comes at the end of a series of updates over the years that have added new features or polished. The Leaderboard and Speedrun update arrived in September, followed by a balance update in August and the Sandbox update in June. You can see the full list of updates added during the year here.

compound update

Compound was first released in Early Access in 2018, and at the time, we called it “one of VR’s most concise shooters.” Three years later, and the game is still a solid entry into the pantheon of VR shooters, and falls as number 13 on our list of the best in the genre.

The game remains in Early Access on Steam, but is working on a full 1.0 release. The current update, which overtakes the headquarters and tutorial, was mainly added to get some content out before the final release, so as not to leave too much of a dry period without new updates.

The tutorial update is available now for Compound in Early Access on PC VR. You can see the full patch notes here.

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