Rocco’s cheapest streaming box is this $ 15 Black Friday special for Walmart

Ever since it appeared as the original Netflix streaming box, Roku has been delivering internet video via box, stick or embedded TV software. For Black Friday this year, however, Roku is releasing its cheapest device that I can remember seeing, the $ 15 Roku LE Streaming Player.

It’s a 1080p box that does exactly what you would expect from a Roku player, but it will only be available from today and in Walmart stores on the 26th. We do not have detailed specifications, but it is the same box that Roku offered last year on Black Friday for $ 17, which has sold at Walmart for $ 30 or so ever since as Roku SE.

For Roku and Walmart, it does not matter where this box came from. Walmart gets a cheap box office to promote its Black Friday sales online and in stores. Roku, meanwhile, is doubling down by using the attention to highlight holiday discounts on more expensive and skilled hardware in its series, and it induces a few more of those users who average $ 40 a month in revenue from advertising, commissions, and data .

Speaking of these discounts, the Roku Streaming Stick 4K is available for $ 29.99 (Amazon, Best Buy, Target) instead of the usual $ 49.99. Roku Streambar is available for $ 79.99 (Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart), a $ 50 discount from its usual $ 129.99 price, and the same goes for a $ 15 Streaming Stick + discount that brings the price to $ 29.99 (Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart). All of these prices are in place until December 4th.

So is there any reason for you to keep an eye on the $ 15 box if you shop on Friday? Not really. Roku Premiere, which can handle Apple AirPlay, 4K and HDR, is available for $ 19.99 through Saturday (Target, Best Buy), or you can even get a Roku Express for $ 10 more effortlessly.

But if you also need a new IR remote, this Roku LE comes with the company’s latest model in the box (it does not have voice control, but it replaces the Vudu shortcut button for Apple TV Plus), and an individual remote costs $ 15 by itself anyway, plus you get another HDMI cable.

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