St. Louis, NFL accepts $ 790 million settlement in Ram’s lawsuit, Goodell approves | Pro football

This effort produced plans for a $ 1.1 billion outdoor stadium at St. Louis. The Louis River, which would have received $ 400 million in public funding. The track was not just rejected. Kroenke’s relocation application, which was granted, seemed to go out of its way to paint St. Louis in a negative light. After the Los Angeles race was over, the NFL insisted that its relocation guidelines, which, among other things, require negotiations in good faith between a team and a host city before relocation, were not a contract and did not st. Louis to a third-party beneficiary to a contract. This position had not fared well during the trial and would have been at the center of a trial in January.

The lawsuit was filed by Clayton law firm Blitz, Bardgett and Deutsch, with Clayton law firm Dowd Bennett as co-counsel. Both law firms took the case on a contingency basis.

The NFL approved the Rams’ move in January 2016, after league owners voted several times and resorted to a secret ballot to approve the move. Eventually, all three teams that were included in the race for Los Angeles moved. The Rams went to Inglewood, where Kroenke’s stadium is shared by the Chargers. The Raiders went from Oakland to Las Vegas.

“This is the most difficult task I have faced in my career,” Kroenke said in 2016 after receiving permission to move the Rams. He broke the silence he became known for shortly after his appearance as Rams’ majority owner in 2010, adding an assurance that he would not move the team. “I understand the emotional side.”


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