The city of Lyon relies on local justice to fight crime: what is it?

A point of agreement, in the Mermoz district, in the heart of the 8th arrondissement of Lyon

The city of Lyon signed a protocol for a new local court on Thursday, November 25, based on citizens’ contributions. The goal: to prevent and combat daily petty crime.

In December 2020 and February 2021, Vaulx-en-Velin and then Villeurbanne adopted a new local criminal policy, respectively. It’s the city of Lyons and Mayor Grégory Doucet’s turn to experiment with a new system to fight petty crime throughout the area in the 8th arrondissement of Lyon.

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This innovative approach, designed to go beyond a simple call for order, is part of a justice system that wants to be geographically closer to citizens with a faster response after acknowledging the offense. The answer It is thus intended that this should happen almost immediately with a summons issued by the police on the same day, and a hearing in the Courthouse scheduled within 15 days.”, The municipality states in a press release.

A citizen contribution by alternative to prosecution

In its system, Lyon goes even further than Villeurbanne and Vaulx-en-Velin in terms of subsidiarity policy. The protocol, signed by Grégory Doucet and by the Public Prosecutor, then integrates the principle of citizen contributions.

In the case of an alternative to prosecution, this contribution may vary from € 100 to € 3,000, […] depending on the seriousness of the facts and the perpetrator’s resources, must be paid to an association for victim assistance approved by the Ministry of Justice“, explains the press release. The goal: to remind the perpetrator of the consequences of his actions and at the same time strengthen the efforts of associations that help victims.

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« This protocol, which involves many partners, shows our desire to combat everyday incivility with three strong axes: to provide a rapid response aimed at being close to the citizens, to do prevention and to pay more attention to the victims. Justice closer to the citizen, justice is more rooted in the reality of everyday life “, Declared Grégory Doucet, Mayor of Lyon.


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