The internet warns mom as boyfriend deletes his Instagram to share video of him and her son

A woman has taken to Reddit to air her concern after her boyfriend deleted her Instagram because she shared a photo of him and her child – and the internet is very suspicious.

She wrote on the discussion-based site on November 24 under the account name Insta__344245 and started by explaining that she met her 28-year-old partner “Adam” 15 months ago.

The woman, 32, explained: “He lives in another city but visits twice a month. When I mention he moves in with me or vice versa, he said he had his reasons for thinking about it.”

She then went on to reveal that he loves her 3-year-old son and “says he is serious about me and wants me and my son to be his family.”

But the problem arose when she took a video of Adam helping his young child try on shoes.

“I posted the video on my Instagram account and when he saw it, he went crazy and started calling me non-stop,” she added.

“I picked up the phone to tell myself I was messing around and should never have posted any videos or photos of him without talking to him first and ended up deleting my entire Instagram account since he has the password for it.”

Redditor then went on to explain that due to shock she “forged out” and told “him that he should never have deleted my entire active account instead of giving me the chance to remove the video immediately.”

She then described how they had a fight and he told her: “I should not have turned out and it can not blame him that he tried to deal with my breach of privacy and border crossings.

“He said it was all my fault and he never gave permission for the video, even though he knew I was recording him.”

She ended the post by asking if she was right or not, explaining that her partner now wanted her to apologize.

The post has gained plenty of traction online, has received more than 10,300 votes and attracted nearly 1,800 comments.

Many people felt that Adam could hide another relationship or family, including an account called ForwardPlenty, which wrote, “He was afraid his wife would see it. It does not sound like a normal reaction at all.”

Hellkitty866 confirmed this, adding: “He definitely has another wife / girlfriend / family!”

Cat-lover76 stated: “I’m so sorry. You’re Adam’s ‘bite on the side’. He’s either married or in a long term relationship. He has no intentions of moving in with you or letting you move in with Hi M . “

However, there was another, more sinister theory that was posted in the comments by Debbiesthrowaway, which has garnered more than 32,600 likes.

They wrote: “I know the consensus is that he has another family, but based on this reaction he could also be on a register of sex offenders, and the reason he has not moved in is that he can not live with a child.

“Just putting it out there from someone who has dealt with this type of people.”

Other suggestions were that he could be in witness protection or be an “undercover agent at the DEA.”

Husband and son photography
A stock photo of a photograph of a man and a boy. A woman on Reddit has shared her boyfriend’s peculiar reaction to sharing video of him and her son.

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