The Samsung Galaxy Note series might just be dead after all

Samsung’s Galaxy Note series has been a major user favorite since its inception, thanks to the S Pen and the other interesting additions that the company made to differentiate the product from its Galaxy S series. But the product development over the last few years brought the Note series and S series close to each other, to the point that Samsung just gave the S series S Pen support and decided not to release a note this year. But the door was still not completely closed for a 2022 Galaxy Note. If one is to believe a new report from South Korea, that door is now finally closed and the Galaxy Note line is finally killed.

According to a report from ETNews, Samsung has excluded the Galaxy Note series from its annual smartphone product plan for 2022. Further, the report also mentions that production and sales of the latest Galaxy Note, ie. Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will also be finally stopped. Although we assume that production volumes would have already been quite low since the phones had been out for over fifteen months since their launch, the report mentions that Samsung had still produced 3.2 million units of the Galaxy Note 20 series to meet the demand from Note series enthusiasts. But from 2022, this number will drop to zero and there will be no new Galaxy Note.

The main reason behind Samsung’s decision to stop production of the Galaxy Note series is the increased production of foldable devices and the replacement of Notes launch and sales windows with its foldable. The report also mentions that Samsung shipped 12.7 million and 9.7 million units of the Galaxy Note series in 2019 and 2020, respectively. On the other hand, the company sets an annual shipping target of 13 million for the Galaxy Z series next year, which overshadows the expectations of the Note series. So it makes sense to refocus the effort back to its foldable.

This is our first real look at the Galaxy S22 Ultra

If you’re still stuck on the idea of ​​a Galaxy Note in 2021 or 2022, it’s time to let go. Aside from a direct official confirmation from Samsung, the writing had been on the wall for the discontinuation of the Galaxy Note series. The upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra is not only expected to come with S Pen support like the Galaxy S21 Ultra, but also have a Note-like flat bottom design and a storage space for the S Pen. With S Pen support already integrated into the Galaxy Z Fold 3, there is little identity left that the Note legacy can carry on.

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