“There’s clearly a dysfunction in his relationship with women,” said activist Claire Nouvian

Claire Nouvian is an environmental activist specializing in the abyss. In 2008, she participated in an episode of “Ushuaia” at the Great Depths, off Costa Rica. If she has fond memories of this experience, she remembers going to Costa Rica with some anxiety. She says that Nicolas Hulot’s entourage before her departure warned her about her behavior towards women.

“The entourage tells me that before they leave ‘Avoid situations where you are alone with him if you work, it is in the hotel restaurant, it is not in your room when you are on the boat, rather close your cabin in the evening and do not open if he knocks your door at night, pretending to sleep. Instructions like this … I say ‘But there’s a problem there anyway!’ It’s the rather political consequence that tells me that. I’m not very comfortable “, She testifies in the program “Special Envoy,” which airs Thursday, November 25th.

According to Claire Nouvian, Nicolas Hulot did not make any inappropriate gestures during the filming. But she claims that some years later, after a work meeting, he would have behaved confusingly. “We went to his house for a cup of coffee and when it was time to take me home he was still trying to kiss me and I said to him ‘Nicolas but seriously ?! What is that?’. It has nothing to do there. Nothing. It’s completely irrelevant, it’s that amazing. It’s like we’re filming here, and when it’s time to leave, your cameraman tries to kiss me. What is the topic? It’s so irrelevant “, she explains.

And to continue: “There is clearly a dysfunction in his relationship with women. Everyone is aware of that, because there is a large consumption (…) many young girls who go into the pot. Are consenting adults, there is nothing to say to. about it (…) consenting adults, there is nothing to say to, and if there were no more serious problems, we would not be here and talk about it.

Excerpt from “Nicolas Hulot: women accuse”, released in “Special Envoy” on November 25, 2021.

The facts described in the “Special Envoy” investigation are outdated and may not be the subject of any lawsuit. Nicolas Hulot is presumed innocent. Journalists at the magazine contacted him and his lawyers on several occasions. He refused to answer their questions in front of a camera. His lawyers also denied requests for interviews. They let it be known that their client vehemently disputes the facts and more generally claims to have never assaulted a woman in her life.

Contacted by phone on November 9, 2021, Nicolas Hulot says: “I’m crushed, I’ve never had ambiguous relationships. (…) You know very well that it will be word for word. Human words are being questioned, so it is no longer worth defending oneself. (…) Not because I fear what I have done, it is so abominable, so disgusting, so far light years from what I have always been, and from what I am (…). And how do you want me to remember? I remember most what I never did. I’ve never in my life forced anything, anyone. Never, neither close nor by force. When we do not feel that we are not seduced or that we are not seduced, we stop there, that is how it has been since the dawn of time. (…) I do not intend to go on the counterattack [en disant] that they are all liars, something like that. I do not know. What I do know is what I have never done. But when you’re innocent, as I am, innocent in a way you can not even imagine … You’re trapped anyway, no matter what you say, speech is suspicious. Whatever we say. Here is. We can not defend ourselves. We can not defend ourselves … For in this legitimate, necessary struggle of women, the voice of women is sacred, and there you have it.

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