This Vancouver restaurant serves cocktails larger than your face

It’s the season for great drinks to share … or not.

A local restaurant and pub has added a fun spin to the average martini on their drinks menu and guests love it. The Park Pub in Vancouver’s West End, has created ‘partinis’ with is basically a martini for a party.

Among massive cocktails, this Vancouver eatery also has 25 beers on tap, other fancy drinks and a wealth of great food to enjoy. However, you are welcome to share with friends.

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Park Pub is a cozy pub that is a great place to relax, meet friends, have fun or watch the match.

As you might expect, they have a large number of amazing shared appetizers that are typical of your pub menu. Things like nacho dish, sweet and spicy braised beef, chicken wings, beef dip sandwich and more!

However, your visit is not complete without trying their new unique partinis.

Pretty new to the menu, these huge drinks come in either the 3 oz or 6 oz option (the latter is great for sharing, but no judgment).

About Partini

There are a number of tempting flavors to choose from. Some notable are blueberry lemonade or bikini martini.

They come in 2 sizes:

  • $ 18 for a 3 oz Partini
  • $ 33 for a 6 oz Partini

As an added bonus, the drinks are on special Fridays for $ 15 and $ 28, respectively.

If you go, be sure to take them on Instagram for a chance to win a $ 25 gift card.

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