Victoria stops its border clearing system and opens its doors to all Australians

Victoria has officially completed its domestic travel permit system, which means that people can enter the state freely from the rest of the Australia.

The state government this afternoon moved to end its domestic border restrictions from 6 p.m.

Victoria Police stop motorists entering the state on the NSW-Victoria border at Albury in January. (Jason Robins)

Victoria’s Acting Chief Health Officer Professor Ben Cowie said the risk of having open borders was “much lower” now that Victoria’s COVID-19 vaccination rates were so high.

“Victoria’s border permits were designed for a while before we had a vaccine and there was a likelihood of intrusion from other states and territories,” he said.

Professor Cowie said, however, that COVID-19-safe measures, such as wearing masks where recommended, social distancing, use of rubbing alcohol and gathering outside where possible, are still “critical” despite the vaccination rate.

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“It is also important that we get tested if we have symptoms of coronavirus, no matter how mild they are, and tell our family, friends, workplace and school if we test positive for COVID,” he said.

Other permit provisions regarding international arrivals and international flight crews will remain upon entry into Victoria are still in force.

The Victorian government said all visitors will still be required to follow public health orders while in Victoria.

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