Vitamin Cures to Overcome Autumn Blues: A Real Solution or a Bad Idea?

Is it the time of day that changes? The gray weather of the last days? The lack of sun this summer? Marion is not sure. Yet, for this quadragenic dynamic in Clermont, the present period is a bit complicated. “I feel tired, I have trouble getting up in the morning,” she admits. To compensate for this temporary slackness, she thought of vitamins. But there are many questions. “There are lots of choices, lots of prices, how do you navigate? Will they suit me? And then it costs, so is it worth it?”

Vitamin D to compensate for the lack of sun

For Arnaud Cocaul, a nutritionist in Paris, “it’s not necessarily a good idea to take vitamins”. However, he makes an exception for vitamin D, naturally supplied by the sun, “which is more of a hormone than a vitamin”. At this time of year, when the sun star is a little wanted, the doctor is not against the prescription of a vitamin D ampoule at the beginning of winter, another in the middle and one last at the end of the season.

“In case of deficiency, it will regulate your immunity, your blood sugar and help fight cardiovascular disease,” he explains. To me, it is the only vitamin whose intake can be justified for the French people in general.

Arnaud Cocaul (Nutritionist doctor)

Dietary supplements that promise to boost your immune system and give you energy, however, continue to be on the rise.

A very sharp increase in demand since Covid

“There has always been a demand for multivitamin supplements, but since last year there has been a sharp increase in immune complexes,” confirms Philippe Coulon. Probiotics, magnesium, royal jelly, echinacea … This year, this pharmacist from Clermont-Ferrand observed a peak in consumption with an overall increase in sales of 50 to 60%, sometimes up to 200% on certain references, vitamin D and zinc in leading.

Consultation with a nutritionist from Clermont-Ferrand to increase your immunity during Covid-19 (October 2020)

If he does not deny that these products can be prescribed to people with deficiencies, cancer patients or pregnant women, Arnaud Cocaul remains skeptical.

“It’s merchandising, and it does not correspond to a medical necessity. In addition, it can be counterproductive if you abuse it. ”

Arnaud Cocaul (empty)

Healthy eating can do the trick very wellA balanced diet, based on local products, provides plenty of vitamins.

For this specialist, salvation comes first and foremost through food. “We find all the vitamins on our plate, we need the healthiest and most varied possible,” he advises. A view shared by Philippe Coulon, pharmacies in Clermont-Ferrand.

“A diversified diet may be more than enough, but the eating behavior of everyone, and especially among young people, means that we end up with deficiencies that can be compensated for by these complexes. It’s not magic, but it relieves many people. ”

Philippe Coulon (Pharmacies and drug stores in Clermont-Ferrand)

The latter notes that customers often come back in the fall, then late winter, to recharge their batteries.
Customers who also seek advice from healthcare professionals, to navigate the jungle of offered products, “all of whom with us have certification certificates.”

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Above all, avoid buying products online

On this subject, Arnaud Cocaul warns: “Above all, nothing should be bought on the internet because the products sometimes escape European standards and it can be catastrophic”.
To overcome this period, the Parisian nutritionist also slips two pieces of advice: go out for air, “rather in the morning when the light rises”, and sleep well, “because lack of sleep has a negative impact on our health”.

Maxime Escot


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