Why the Internet is obsessed with this danger! Taber

Participant Matt King made Danger! history, men probably not in the way he had intended.

On Tuesday, November 23, King received one of the worst Danger! scores ever. The lawyer from Lewisville, Texas started strong in the football category and earned $ 2,400, but the night quickly took a turn, with the participant finishing the game with the whole – $ 6,400.

Ken Jennings, the current host of the show and Danger! The greatest of all time masters, King easily failed by saying, “Matt, I’m afraid you took your turns. It’s a strategy. It did not always pay off.”

He continued: “You were close so many times, but we have to say goodbye to you here. You end up in third place with $ 1,000.”

We’re guessing you can say king royally failed. Sorry, buddy, we had to. Although we probably would not have done much better!

The evening was not only negative, like the Kings Danger! appearance made him a viral sensation. Specifically, fans of the show took to Twitter to offer King their support and applaud his daring gameplay.

All the competitors that were about to stay Danger!‘s new host

A viewer wrote, “Matt went rocking down. I have to respect that. #Jeopardy.”

To which Matt replied, “Thank you, Baldwyn! It was a hard night. Amy did not leave anyone easy on the board, but I had to go for it! I would have hated myself for not taking a shot.”

Just as he was in third place in the episode, he is in third place for the worst score ever, right with the 2012 contestant Christy Gibson.

The actual title with the worst result is held by the 2021 participant Patrick Pearce, with – $ 7,400, followed by Stephanie Hull with – $ 6,800.

But hey, it’s not about winner, it’s just about having fun, right?

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