16 shoulder exercises ranked from worst to best

This excellent video shows you a wide range of shoulder exercises ranked from worst to best.

Jeff from Athlean-X explains his ranking process, “… we have to set the criteria for choosing shoulder exercises.

The first is that it should be a multidimensional exercise if possible.

This means that if it is only good for hypertrophy but does not allow for overload and to build progressive strength, then it will not rank with the exercises for shoulders that do a good job of both.

Muscle-shoulders-Sara-Sigmundsdottir shoulder exercises ranked from worst to bestSource: Photo courtesy of CrossFit Inc

Moreover, if the exercise is harmful to the shoulder joint or can cause shoulder injury over time, it simply will not rank high, no matter what type of short-term benefits it may provide to the person doing it. “

16 shoulder exercises ranked from worst to best

Scroll down to check the order and then watch the video to expand your knowledge and become a better and more educated promise.


Upright rows

2. Cuban press

3. Behind the neck press

4. Pour the jug side raiser


5. DB Pressouts – Front Delts

6. DB Cheat Laterals – Middle Delts

7. DB Reverse Fly – Rear Delts


8. Arnold Presses – Front Delts

9. Removal rows – Intermediate parts

10. Facepulls – Rear Delts


11. DB Scoop Press – Front Delts

12. Side Lateral Raises – Middle Delts

13. Hip Huggers – Rear delts


14. DB Front Raise – Front Delts

15. Cable lateral raiser – Middle split

16. Rear Delt Rows – Rear Delts

Learn more about each one, what it does, how it works, and whether you should include it in your workout.

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