A pediatrician from Lyon was rewarded for his research into pediatrics

Lyon pediatrician Alexandre Belot, who has been awarded for his research work on rare childhood diseases, puts forward the hypothesis of heredity.

Alexandre Belot, a pediatrician at Mère-Enfant Hospital, was awarded the Foundation for Medical Research on 15 November for her work done at Ciri (International Center for Infectious Disease Research) with her team. He is in charge of the National Reference Center for Rare Pediatric Diseases, especially Inflammatory Diseases (Lupus, Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis), and works at Ciri to “reveal” the genetic factor that would make it possible to understand why these children are ill.

“Our hypothesis is that if these diseases start early, it is because a genetic factor plays an important role”, explains Alexandre Belot. Studies that have made it possible to point out that diseases that have hitherto been considered to be multifactorial actually have a hereditary part. Lessons learned, which in turn will make it possible to better understand the “adult” version of these diseases, to diagnose them better and to consider gene therapy in the long term.

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