Berejiklian ‘open for’ Canberra moves

Ms Berejiklian represents the seat of Willoughby, which is partly within the federal seat of Warringah.

Her decision this year to switch from a COVID-19 eradication strategy to vaccinating most of the state’s adult population is credited by her supporters for changing the national debate on how best to deal with the virus.

Ms Berejiklian’s successful pandemic leadership means she would expect a leading position in a coalition government or opposition if elected to the federal parliament, one of her supporters said.

“How do you get someone like Glad, who has run the state and led the nation in so many ways, to do other than take a leading position in Canberra?” he said. “It would be a wasted asset.”

The centrist or moderate faction of the NSW Liberal Party is keen for Mr Berejiklian to run because she could be a credible candidate for the party’s leadership or deputy leadership if Prime Minister Scott Morrison was defeated or retired, another faction member said.

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