Calais: Following Johnson’s letter, Darmanin cancels a meeting with Patel

It took no more to offend the French management. In an announcement to Priti Patel, the British Home Secretary, with whom AFP was aware on Friday, Gérald Darmanin believes that if the letter from the British Prime Minister to French President Emmanuel Macron is a “disappointment”, the fact of having published this email . is still “worse”.

As a result, he cancels the arrival of Priti Patel scheduled for Sunday in Calais.

The meeting maintained, without England

“We consider the British Prime Minister’s public letter to be unacceptable and contrary to our discussions among counterparties. Priti Patel is therefore no longer invited to the inter-ministerial meeting on Sunday,” commented in the entourage of Gerald Darmanin.

In addition to the British representative, the ministers responsible for Belgian, German and Dutch immigration, as well as the European Commission, were to attend this meeting, which remains “maintained in format” but without England.

The goal? “Define ways and means to strengthen police, judicial and humanitarian cooperation” to “better combat smuggling networks”, explained the services of French Prime Minister Jean Castex. A mission that seems difficult to accomplish, in the absence of one of the countries most affected by the topic.

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