Covid-19 and 3rd dose: find out the vaccination booster schedule based on your age

When to make the vaccination booster? What should you do if you have been infected after vaccination? What about children and teenagers? We take stock of Olivier Véran’s announcements on D + 1.

If Olivier Véran has not announced the return of incarceration or curfew this Thursday, November 25, he has extended the implementation of the vaccine booster to all adults. But more scenarios must be expected. Overview.

For 5-11 years

“This vaccination, if decided in France, would not start until the beginning of the year 2022,” assured Health Minister Olivier Véran on Thursday, requesting their opinion from the High Health Authority (HAS) and the National Ethics Committee (CCNE). According to him, this period corresponds to the time needed to build vaccines for children, which are less concentrated than for adults. He confirmed this information a little later, at 8pm on TF1.

For 12-17 year olds

This age group can be vaccinated but is not affected at this stage by the booster dose. Unless the young person is immunocompromised or has a high-risk condition or comorbidity.

For 18-64 year olds

From this Saturday, November 27, 18-64 year olds will be able to perform a vaccine booster dose, with an interval of at least 5 months after the last injection.

From 15 January, the passport for these people will be deactivated if they have not received their booster dose within 7 months after the last injection.

For example, a person who received their second dose on 1 August may have the third from 1 January and must necessarily do so before 1 March 2022 in order to retain their health passport.

For over 65 years

People over 65 have already had access to the vaccine booster since September. The only change is that it can now be done 5 months after the last injection, and no longer 6. This reminder will be mandatory to extend the health card, but it will take effect one month earlier than 18-64 year olds, ie. December 15.

I had Covid after being fully vaccinated

In this case, the authorities recommend that an extra dose of vaccine be injected five months after infection and not 5 months after the previous dose.

I had Covid between the two doses of the vaccine

The second dose should be injected in this case five months after infection. This recommendation “applies regardless of age and regardless of the time of onset of infection after the first dose,” according to the High Authority for Health.

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