Greed leads a groom to the prosecution in Dubai

A young employee of a bank used his powers to receive bribes from people in exchange for illegal services, and when he married with his eyes blinded by greed, he revealed his case and took him to court, according to a story published by Public Prosecutor in Dubai from the reality of its files in its important magazine “Crime and Lesson” for the purpose of educating society.
The story began when the defendant married and applied for financial support from the Marriage Fund as he was a person with limited income.
After studying his application, it was confirmed that he was in the category that met the conditions and criteria, and the date of receipt of the first installment of the scholarship approached and he took the necessary courses.
One week before the announcement of the names of the beneficiaries, the authority in question asked him to send an account statement for his bank balances, and since he is employed by a bank, he prepared the statements and sent them to the Director of Grant Affairs, but he was surprised. that the manager told him he did not deserve the marriage scholarship.
The accused rebelled and went to the institution to ask them about the reason for refusing the medicine despite having undergone all stages of filing and approval. The director replied that his bank statement showed the deposit of large sums of money of one hundred thousand dirhams in a month, which means that he has other income which he has not accounted for in the application such as trading or speculation with money, which confirms that he does not is a person with limited income.
The defendant denied that he is a business owner who provides him with financial income other than his monthly salary, and justified the amounts deposited in his bank account as being an “economic association” with his family and friends in connection with his preparation for the expenses of the marriage, and stressed that he deserves the grant.
And between push and pull, the director suggested that he should prove his participation in the alleged association to confirm the sincerity of his words, so he delayed the case and went so far as to sue the institution.
As part of the investigation of his lawsuit, a surprise arose and the case turned against him when he discovered that he received bribes from people in exchange for illegal services, he provided them, and exploited his job in the bank where he acts so that legal action was taken against him.
The lesson from this case, which the prosecution confirms, is the need to be honest in the work and honesty in carrying out transactions before falling into the trap of crime and regretting the consequences.

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