Halo Infinite’s Breakup: The Tenrai event is causing frustration among fans

Halo infinite launched its first special event this week in the form of Fracture: Tenrai, but although the gameplay continues to be highly praised, the progression part of the event gets some serious criticism.

For those who do not know, Fracture: Tenrai is completely free and allows you to claim different cosmetic content to complete specific event challenges, including the highlight Yoroi Samurai Armor Core. One of the complaints, though, is that the majority of the 30 levels in Event Pass are only XP grants or challenge swaps, so there is not as much content available as you would expect:

Another frustration among the community is that Fracture: Tenrai is not only a time-limited event this week, but will reappear five times before the end of May 2022. This means you can actually not advance through all 30 levels of Event Pass right now as you only get a limited number of Event Challenges at a time.

Unfortunately, the adaptation and progression aspects of Halo Infinite do not come off well at all from the start, which is a big shame because the gameplay has been praised almost everywhere and we have loved it too.

343 Industries has promised that “the constructive feedback will be heard loud and clear” regarding Halo Infinite’s development problems, but the team is currently getting “a much deserved break for the holidays”. Hopefully in a few months we will be able to forget these frustrations and just concentrate on Infinite’s amazing gameplay.

How did you find the Fracture: Tenrai event so far? Tell us in the comments below.

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