Health Care Half Hour: Successful Re-Entry – Health Issues Facing People Leaving Prison

Reporter, Elizabeth Thompson; was joined by Tommy Green, senior health worker at the NC FIT (NC Formerly Incarcerated Transition) program and Essence Hairston, program manager at the UNC Horizons program in Wake County.

The panel spoke about the challenges facing people leaving prisons and prisons, and the health challenges they face when re-entering society.

Stick to the end, there were some amazing questions.

Read Elizabeth’s report here: Key to evidence-based re-entry for sick incarcerated populations, researchers say, could MAT be the key to reducing recidivism in NC prisons ?, COVID-19 creates additional challenges for those leaving NC prisons

Health care half an hour is a monthly conversation between one of our journalists and health experts, held on the third Thursday of each month. Previous sessions include a conversation about the use and overuse of involuntary engagement in North Carolina, a talk with infectious disease specialist Dr. David Wohl on the Delta variant and a study of how pig farming in eastern NC has affected color communities.

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