How to become a savvy shopper in the middle of cyber Monday hype | Personal finance

Here are some ideas for savvy shoppers on Cyber ​​Monday.

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Bev O’Shea

Last Cyber ​​Monday, I hurried to put a grill that was a lot on sale in my virtual shopping cart. I texted my daughter to make sure my son-in-law really wanted it, because this limited number deal would not be returned. I entered my credit card number as soon as she answered. Moments later, I received an email: “Sorry, sold out.”

I had no grill, only someone expected to get one. I bought the grill, but for more than double the price of the deal I missed.

Welcome to FOMO. Fear of missing out on something has become one of the major marketing tactics of the holiday season. Scarcity – a limited amount, a small time window – forces consumers to act quickly for fear of missing out on their chance. To resist that impulse, it can help to decide in advance on spending limits whether you want to buy something that cannot be returned and other guidelines before adrenaline and emotions become involved.

In addition to recognizing FOMO, here are other ways to be a savvy shopper on Cyber ​​Monday, which is the Monday after Thanksgiving (this year, November 29), often the final hurray for Black Friday deals.

Be realistic about possible delays

Jane Boyd Thomas, marketing professor at Winthrop University in South Carolina, believes that gifts that do not show up in time for the holidays could be the story of Cyber ​​Monday 2021. She expects many people to be disappointed when they receive a receipt and even a shipping message, just to be told, days later, that the shipping has been delayed. Some retailers have offers both in-store and online, and you may be able to avoid shipping altogether. If not, consider printing a product photo and wrapping it as a gift.


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