I’m glad it happened in Lyon … “

Lyon – OM will have lasted almost 3 minutes. A bottle throw from a Lyon supporter at Dimitri Payet and the meeting was stopped. French football wants to stem this violence in the stadiums, so Foot went to meet an ultra Marseille to get his opinion …

Julien (whose first name has been changed) does not hide his satisfaction at seeing the Lyon supporters being nominated. He also gives his feeling of his passion and his excesses …

The leaders do not have enough courage to decide at the heart of the matter

“I want to answer you sincerely: I’m glad this happened in Lyon. We, OM supporters, are constantly being humiliated. For football France, we are animals, wild, we swine, everything is disproportionate when we talk about OM and the actions of its supporters.In the end, we can behave better than some supporters of other clubs, and it proves that this violence can be present in all four corners of France. (…) I do not think it’s guys associated with fan groups that do that kind of thing. Me, to destabilize Neymar, I will insult him with all my might, speak ill of him, threaten him, even defend myself if I am attacked as the supporter who fought with I’re not the type to throw projectiles or lighters, I prefer to insult. (…) We must be honest: the leaders do not have enough courage to make a decision at the heart of the matter. in five years or more, I can guarantee you that it would reassure some iv is. But it is necessary to remember that football remains quite popular in France and that groups of supporters can be powerful allies politically. We can see it, especially in Marseille, that some politicians can brush in the direction of the hair some supporters to change an election. Therefore, I believe that decision makers do not have the courage to punch the table. ” Ultra Supporter by OM – source: So Foot (25/11/2021)

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