LIVE – New variant of Covid-19: France suspends arrivals from southern Africa


The Netherlands and Belgium are expected to decide on new measures on Friday to stem the growing coronavirus contamination in Europe, when a worrying variant discovered in South Africa has pushed Britain to close to six countries in ‘Africa.

In the wake of a tightening announced in France and exceeding the threshold of 100,000 deaths reached by Germany, their Dutch and Belgian neighbors are preparing to make decisions that are sometimes difficult to accept among the population, especially in the Netherlands.

At a press conference scheduled for Friday night, Prime Minister Mark Rutte was able to announce the closure of bars and restaurants at 5pm instead of 8pm at the moment, local media reported.

In Belgium, the rise in contaminations and hospitalizations associated with Covid “higher than the most pessimistic curves” outlined last week by scientific experts, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo was alerted on Thursday.

It will gather the leaders of the federated units as soon as possible on Friday morning to decide on new measures.


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