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By Rhonda Dredge

Some galleries in the CBD are planning major events, such as viewings at the Sofitel Hotel, to celebrate the reopening.

Others have continued their exhibition program and combined online with gallery views.

Everyone is slowly working to recover the sum.

Sarah Scout Presents in Collins St is still dealing with the aftermath of the spring of 1883.

The seventh annual art fair was forced out of the Windsor Hotel at the last minute due to the closure.

The gallery is still so upset about the impact of the art fair situation on their artists that they have kept the exhibitions hanging.

Their current exhibition Spring would have occupied a suite at Windsor in August, but it is still available for viewing.

“It was only open for two days,” said gallery director Kate Barber. Now it will be possible to look forward to summer.

The fair is usually an anarchist collection of Melbourne’s art community in a prime position with galleries choosing intimate pieces that will look great, backed up against pools and beds.

The organizers were forced to make some last-minute decisions about the fair. The previous one had been postponed and they did not want to repeat the experience.

“A new COVID regulation was introduced in a review of hotels,” Kate said CBD news. “They were redefined for housing, and we could not have people in the rooms. We moved it away from the place instead. “

Galleries opened stands in their own spaces, but then another lockdown was introduced and they were only open for two days.

Kate predicts that all galleries will now use a mix of online presentations with on-site exhibits. Customers have become accustomed to being able to walk digitally through the rooms.

“Our customers now want the whole experience online,” she said.

Sara scout openings have always had a buzz and everyone is holding their breath for the next one.

The closure, with its on-again-off-again way of restrictions, forced galleries to more sober meeting-artist events rather than the traditional cozy openings that we all love.

Both Sarah Scout Presents and Tolarno Galleries had Saturday afternoon sessions with reservations required. The focus was more on the art than the social.

Now everyone is ready for both! Kate sets the buzz (which is largely claimed in relation to the CBD, but rarely actually fulfilled) to make visitors feel like they are at a “private party”.

“There’s always something going on in another room that you’m not sure about,” she said.

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