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The profession responded to the 9th Regional Congress of Certified Public Accountants Provence-Alpes Côte d’Azur with about 1,400 registered over two days © Croec Paca

From her first words, Colette Weizman sets the tone: ” This congress is by no means ordinary, it has a taste of victory … Why a taste of victory? Yes, because today we can say out loud and clear that the auditor is the core of the economy and at the heart of the company “. But to get there she says:” It required an unprecedented health crisis before auditors came to light. Since March 20, 2020, by being on all fronts with our business leaders, we have demonstrated our essential and indispensable role in the economy. Our essential and indispensable role in the heart of more than 3 million companies ».

“Our profession has regained its pride, its legitimacy”

Colette Weizman launches for delegates: ” Our profession has regained its pride, legitimacy and more than deserved recognition. We are finally heard, listened to and respected, and we are worth it “. She notes with immense satisfaction that, despite all the events that have taken place since the beginning of September: summer university, trade union congress, auditors ‘congress, national auditors’ congress in Bordeaux,” the profession responded to this large annual meeting with more than 1,400 registered over two days “And to explain this success.” through training workshops at a very high level, the quality of the teachers, discussions about the role of the auditors in the crucial post-crisis period. How should we support resilience and how can we help increase recovery “. And to indicate in this regard:” Our congress is about rebound, recovery, resilience. Because the recovery is here, companies are ready and just waiting to go back and win ».

Third quarter in a row with growth

In addition, Colette Weizman presented the financial barometer of the accounting profession. A document recalling that in the third quarter of 2021, restrictive measures were eased ” even though the implementation of the health card may have had an effect on certain activities “. In this context, she emphasizes:” VSEs in the region recorded a third consecutive quarter of growth with a revenue increase of 4.8% compared to the third quarter of 2020 “And to consider:” If this increase is to be seen against the background of the small decline in the revenue index a year earlier, the comparison with the result for 2019, ie before the crisis, shows an increase of 3.3% ».

As in the previous quarter, VSEs and SMEs in all departments in the region except those in the Hautes-Alpes, -1.7%, had an increase in cumulative turnover since the beginning of the year, mainly because the decline in activity had been particularly significant. years earlier. These increases range from + 9.1% for Alpes de Haute Provence to + 11.6% in Var. Colette Weizman specifies that ” The Banque de France newsletter also indicates that the economy is back to pre-crisis levels in the third quarter. »

“53,000 company creations in 2021”

Colette Weizman explains: ” We return to this level faster than we thought ». « statistics from the registrar’s website, she continues, also shows the dynamics of the economic fabric since there were 53,000 business start-ups in 2021, against 37,000 in 2020 and 41,000 in 2019. And the increase in the number of business start-ups that surprised us in the first trimester is confirmed in the second and third trimesters. At the same time, the number of corporate liquidations is greatly reduced. “. In this table, the President highlights only two issues: the problem of recruitment and the supply of raw materials. She calls back:” Whatever the cost has saved many companies jobs, it is remarkable. But it was expensive and we now need an investment return with job creation, wealth creation ».

“I’m looking to recruit three partners, I can not do that”

And to deplore the brakes on employment: ” I am looking to recruit three partners, I can not do that “. And can only note:” The idea of ​​work has changed. Covid has changed our relationship to life and therefore to work. We have tasted telework, for some it was a disaster, but for many others it was synonymous with a better quality of life. It is therefore important to find solutions. This also applies in the hotel and restaurant professions, as in the construction industry, professions that are not simple, where the wage issue arises. “. Precise: ” Restaurants are forced to stop the evening service due to lack of servers and I have among my customers a company that rejects orders due to lack of drivers to make deliveries. ». « Many companies, she adds, have understood, in all sectors, that it is necessary to increase wages, and they are becoming more and more to get a reflection and an action on the well-being of the company. In this context, she also insists on the importance of apprentices, on the perspective that has changed on them: ” Before we took them for convenience, they were not expensive and we expected nothing but services from them. Today we watch over them, we spend time, we train them. This Covid crisis is changing mentality. I have 7 apprentices who will soon be graduating, I hope to keep them all ».

Michel CAIRE

Signature of a partnership between the Commercial Court of Marseilles, the Regional Audit Office and the Regional Audit Office

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Colette Weizman, President of the Croec Paca, Jean-Marc Latreille, President of the Commercial Court of Marseille, Jean-Pierre Patou, President of the Regional Company of Auditors (CRCC) © Croec Paca

« We have a real relationship of trust with the Commercial Court, its president. A court that is committed to ensuring that state-authorized public accountants are better recognized », Emphasizes Colette Weizman. Jean-Marc Latreille, President of the Commercial Court of Marseille, states: ” When I took up my position two years ago, I wanted to put the court back in the center of the city and erase its censor side. So very early last year, we worked with accountants, lawyers, and accountants during video conferencing to explain that we are a bit of a clinic. We do not come to court to die, but to be born again. For this, it is important that our image changes, that we develop our role in prevention. We try to convince companies to come and visit us as soon as possible. This is the meaning of the document we are signing today “. The President of the Commercial Court of Marseille insists:” It is important to come and see us as soon as possible. When companies go into insolvency proceedings, 25% come out on top, 75% end up in liquidation. These numbers are reversed in prevention. We know, in terms of health, how important prevention is, yes here it is the same “. Jean-Pierre Patou, President of the Regional Company of Auditors (CRCC) in Aix-Bastia explains again:” With this partnership, we strengthen a relationship of trust so that as many companies as possible avoid coming to the hospital thanks to prevention. »


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