Mass protests in Jordan against the normalization agreements with the Israeli occupation

Mass protests erupt in the heart of the Jordanian capital Amman in opposition to the normalization agreements with the Israeli occupation. And Jordanian protesters shouting slogans rejecting the water and electricity agreement.

  • Mass protests in Jordan rejecting normalization agreements with the occupation
    Mass protests in the heart of the Jordanian capital Amman

Mass protests began in Jordan on Friday, prompted by the popular movement for change, in front of the Husseini Mosque in the center of the country in Amman, as a rejection of the normalization agreements with the Israeli occupation. Entitled “Rejection of the Shame Agreement … Water for Electricity”.

Reporter reported fields That the protesters shouted slogans rejecting the water and electricity agreement with the occupation, describing it as “humiliation and addiction”.

During their demonstration, the protesters also shouted slogans “enemy gas is an occupation”, raising slogans describing normalization as a betrayal of their country’s “history, present and future”.

Jordanian protesters also erected posters, “Down with the Wadi Araba agreement with the occupation,” and “Blood will not stop.”

Normalization agreements damage sovereignty

For his part, the Secretary-General of the Jordanian People’s Democratic Party, Abla Abu Elba, said: Lemliadin, “Normalization agreements hurt sovereignty,” says that “normalization agreements lend Jordan to the most important vital issues, and the protests will not stop.”

Abu Elba reaffirmed that “normalization is being imposed on us, which we strongly reject, and there is a conflicting official version of the agreements,” given that “the authorities’ justifications regarding the signing of normalization agreements are not convincing.”

She asked, “Why trust the enemy in vital issues and not trust our sister, Syria?”, Adding that the transition is currently underway to the stage of “acceptance and promotion of the Zionist project.”

Abu Elba believed that what was happening was not just normalization, but rather a full-fledged occupation, in the hope that “the project will not pass in parliament and there is a circumvention by talking about a declaration of intent and not signing.”

It is noteworthy that the “water for electricity” agreement stipulates that Jordan will produce 600 megawatts of solar-produced electricity and export it to occupied Palestine, in exchange for “Israel” supplying Jordan, which suffers from water scarcity, with about 200 million cubic meters. meters of desalinated water.

Two days ago, the Jordanian national campaign to drop the gas agreement with “Israel” confirmed that decision-makers in Jordan went from political normalization to forced imposition of normalization on citizens, after signing the electricity and water exchange agreement with “Israel”.

The first spark of Jordanian rejection was triggered when Emirati’s academic attempt to attract Jordanian students to normalize with the Israeli occupation was revealed through a presentation to Emirati Mohammed bin Zayed University on graduate studies and scholarships in partnership with an Israeli university in a symposium held a few days ago at the University of Jordan, prompting students and faculty members to immediately withdraw from this symposium and organize a vigil in condemnation and anger over what happened.


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