new South African variant, big drop in sight!


Could all economic scenarios be swept away by the arrival of a new very dangerous variant? It is investors’ fears this morning that are clearly choosing to sell! The Paris market is expected to fall sharply this morning, potentially by more than 2% according to precedent indicators. However, to be confirmed at the opening of 9 in the morning … Its “very unusual” mutations according to scientists could allow the variant to escape the immune response triggered by a vaccination and thus make it more contagious.

Faced with this situation and its immediate consequences in the markets, yesterday’s publication of the minutes of the most recent meeting of the ECB’s Monetary Policy Council seems almost anecdotal … . In fact, the ECB stated that it “could not have in December all the data necessary to take a definitive position on inflation developments”. It therefore considers that it needs to maintain room for maneuver beyond this deadline.

For its part, from January, the Fed should accelerate its ‘downsizing’, a reduction in monthly purchases of bond assets, which would thus fall by $ 30 billion a month, double the current exchange rate, Goldman Sachs specialists believe. Thus, the US Federal Reserve will be able to put an end to these quantitative easing in mid-March.


The New York Stock Exchange ended in scattered order Tuesday night, investors worried about a new rise in interest rates, which weighed on the sectors most valued in the stock market, starting with technology. Markets believe that inflation will force the Fed and other central banks to raise key interest rates by 2022 to stem price increases. So far, Tuesday’s announcement of a release of US oil reserves has failed to lower oil prices, which has strengthened inflation expectations.

However, the indices improved their performance in the last hour of trading. At the close, the Dow Jones rose 0.55% to 35,813 points, supported by oil companies and finance, while the large S&P 500 index rose 0.17% to 4,690 pt. Nasdaq Composite, rich in technology and biotech stocks, lost 0.5% to 15,775 points after losing more than 1.2% earlier in the session.


Monthly Household Business Survey – November. (8:45)

United States :
– Closes at 19 on Wall Street. (19:00)

The euro / dollar parity reached $ 1.1244 this morning. A barrel of Brent trades at $ 79.99. One ounce of gold is trading at $ 1,789.


Laurent Perrier: During the first half of the financial year, which covers the period from 1 April 2021 to 30 September 2021, the Group experienced a strong sales momentum measured in volume of + 84.9% compared to financial years N-1 and + 18, 9% compared to financial year N-2. This performance, supported by the exceptional situation with the gradual abolition of sanitary measures and the gradual reopening of places of consumption around the world, was based on the strength of the brands and the quality of the Group’s high-end champagnes, leading to the consolidated sales for the first half of the year amounted to E128.5 mill. with current exchange rates. Net income The group share also increased very clearly. It stands at 23.3 million euros at current exchange rates and thus represents 18.1% of consolidated sales.

Vivendi: The CEO of Telecom Italia, Luigi Gubitosi, said on Thursday that he was ready to offer his resignation to speed up the KKR Fund’s offer to the Italian telecom operator, of which Vivendi is the largest shareholder with 24% of the capital. In a letter to board members, seen by Bloomberg News, Gubitosi urged the company’s board to act quickly after the former telecommunications monopoly received an offer to buy from US giant KKR & Co. He said he was ready to step down if it would speed up the process of evaluating KKR’s offerings.


Miliboo, Parot Group


AlphaValue returns to accumulate on Aperam by targeting a price of 53.70 euros and facilitating Bureau Veritas.

Jefferies hold Rémy Cointreau with a goal that goes from 180 to 205 euros, Credit Suisse raises the mark to 185 euros and Berenberg aims for 208 euros.


ABC arbitrage: exchange of a share block without affecting the distribution of capital.


Antevenio becomes ISPD network.

Carbios obtains European funding of 3.3 ME.

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